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Welcome to Colony Buffet Singapore, the world of flavor

Welcome to Colony Buffet Singapore, where the fusion of culinary expertise and diverse flavours comes together in a warm and lively ambience. Situated in the heart of Singapore, Colony Buffet offers more than just a dining occasion; it’s an immersive gastronomic experience that pays homage to the artistry of food. Our buffet presents an alluring array of dishes meticulously prepared to cater to various tastes and preferences.

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Colony Buffet Singapore, A Feast for the Senses

Colony Buffet Singapore invites you to indulge in a sensory feast where an array of flavours delights your taste buds, crafting an unforgettable dining experience. Featuring a diverse menu of dishes, each bite takes you on a journey of deliciousness, from savoury to sweet. The inviting ambience perfectly complements the mouthwatering offerings, creating a space where every meal celebrates excellent food and good company. Revel in the simple joy of savouring a satisfying and flavorful feast at Colony Buffet.

Colony Buffet

Come Hungry, Leave Happy

Join us on a gastronomic journey where we satisfy your cravings and bring smiles to your face. The Colony Buffet Menu is a haven for those with hearty appetites, featuring an enticing array of dishes catering to every taste. Whether you have a penchant for international cuisines or local favourites, our abundant spread ensures something for everyone. We aim to leave you genuinely happy and fully satisfied with each delectable bite. Experience a dining adventure that turns hunger into happiness at Colony Buffet Singapore.

Colony Delights from the Kitchen

In celebrating culinary artistry, our chefs passionately curate a menu that intertwines creativity with timeless flavours, presenting a symphony of tastes to cater to every palate. Each dish stands as a culinary masterpiece, from the captivating sizzle of the grill to the enticing aroma of spices wafting from the stove. Join us at Colony Buffet Singapore and immerse yourself in the enchantment of our kitchen, where we craft delectable delights that transform dining into an unforgettable journey of taste and enjoyment.

Why Choose Colony Buffet Singapore?

Offering a diverse range of meticulously prepared dishes, our culinary haven caters to various tastes, ensuring a delightful journey through flavours.


What sets us apart is the richness of our menu and the warm and inviting ambience that transforms each visit into a memorable occasion.

At Colony Buffet Singapore, we prioritize quality ingredients, expertly crafted recipes, and a commitment to culinary excellence, making every bite a testament to our dedication to unparalleled dining.

Whether a casual gathering or a special celebration, Colony Buffet Singapore is the go-to destination for those who appreciate the perfect blend of variety, flavour, and hospitality.

Colony Buffet Singapore Reviews

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10:48 21 Feb 24
The service and ambience were pretty good but disappointed at the seafood section. Ireland oyster was so salty and small, completely different experience which I went last time. Steak however was good and quite a lot of hit and miss this time round.
Calla TCalla T
10:50 20 Feb 24
Best buffet in town! Hands down! The range of variety is excellent, the quality is impressive across different cuisine available. The cold cuts and sashimi are fresh while the hot food ( Chinese , western, local and Indian ) are all delicious and expected of a 5 star hotel. Service is impeccable and ambience is lovely . They are pretty busy even for a weekday lunch and I can see why . Will be back !
Christopher HamzahChristopher Hamzah
10:40 19 Feb 24
Amazing high-tea buffet selection. Very newborn friendly and quiet corners available if you need to cradle your young one to sleep. Great service by the staff.
07:25 19 Feb 24
Thoroughly impressed with the food, service was prompt (appreciate greatly that the lemon wash and crab scissors appeared promptly after getting my plate of seafood), prompt at clearing plates too.Very good spread of food, quality is really good. If they served this to me in person for ala-carte , I'll be impressed already, what more a buffet.Very good and welcoming staff that help take photos enthusiastically. Will be back!
Darryl Jonathan TanDarryl Jonathan Tan
06:30 19 Feb 24
Was here to celebrate an anniversary. Overall, everything was great. Food was amazing, restocked very promptly when running out. Some highlights were the crab legs, risotto, oysters, and sashimi.However, I just have some feedback on some dishes: For the sashimi, when I arrived at about 8pm, there was Sweet Shrimp (Amaebi) sashimi on offer. We took a few pieces and went back to our table to eat. We wanted to come back for seconds but it ran out, and was never restocked all the way til the end of the night.For the Pork Ham, when we first arrived, there were very nice cuts of what seemed to be like Jamon Aged Ham on offer. We also took a few pieces but when we went back, it got restocked with a pale looking, much lower quality version of parma ham, and the initial ham was never put out on offer again.These inconsistencies slightly disappointed us and made what would have otherwise been an exceptional dinner a little less exceptional.Other than that, amazing service, amazing food, great value for money compared to the other Hotel buffets in Singapore. Be sure to book in advance as Colony is really popular!
Yu leeYu lee
13:49 17 Feb 24
A lovely and warm place to celebrate my birthday with my hubby and kids. We had wonderful high tea today. Thanks for all the warm service and will be back soon.
Wei NingWei Ning
13:26 16 Feb 24
carmen laucarmen lau
15:22 13 Feb 24
12:10 11 Feb 24
Thanks to the kind and careful service, it was a pleasant and comfortable meal time.
Jimmy YuJimmy Yu
02:16 11 Feb 24
I had a wonderful time at this restaurant yesterday. It is the best buffet in Singapore, hands down. My friends and I have a tradition of dining here every first day of the Lunar New Year, and we always look for manager Raj to chat and catch up with him. He is very friendly and funny, and he always cracks jokes and makes us feel welcome. He also brought us beers and food without us asking, which was very generous of him. Special mention to staff member who impressed us was Mason, who served us Yusheng. He was very polite and professional, and he explained the meaning of the dish to us.
Gayatri T NGayatri T N
01:56 11 Feb 24
Pathetic service. Staff lacks training.
Ashish PAshish P
18:58 10 Feb 24
Felix ChongFelix Chong
12:31 09 Feb 24
Nice but I expected more variety.
Rachel TeoRachel Teo
05:49 08 Feb 24
My all-time favourite dining venue with family - love the luxury ambience, cleanliness and quality & variety of food.
Warren TanWarren Tan
11:35 07 Feb 24
airis airisairis airis
11:28 05 Feb 24
Service and food! We love the champagne and negroni during our champagne sunday brunch
Kim ZijieKim Zijie
13:15 02 Feb 24
We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality service of service staffs especially Mr Ajay. He has a pleasant personalty and a keen eye for detail.
Chammi ImalkaChammi Imalka
06:54 01 Feb 24
The colony is a great place to celebrate your special occasion. Food is so nice. Ambiance is luxurious. Staff is also very nice. We were served by Frecel and she is so good.
hcsun333 Sunhcsun333 Sun
10:04 31 Jan 24
Kerwin HingKerwin Hing
11:16 30 Jan 24
Top notch, my Top 3 buffet places in SG!
Ni SaNi Sa
13:10 29 Jan 24
I visited for the holiday dinner buffet.Seafood seems to be popular, so it was very crowded and a bit noisy.The food was generally of a high standard that you would not experience at a Japanese buffet.I brought my child there, but he was a little disappointed, so he gave me a coloring book as a gift. It was a very good experience.
Nicholas NgNicholas Ng
04:44 28 Jan 24
Ali BashahAli Bashah
10:07 25 Jan 24
01:03 25 Jan 24
I sat by the window and had a delicious meal. During the coronavirus pandemic, I didn't like the food brought to me, but it was even better when I saw it in person and ate it.
Christopher DoraiChristopher Dorai
05:51 24 Jan 24
Nora SuahNora Suah
15:23 23 Jan 24
656 six-star hotel, first-class hotel. 👍👍👍
00:44 22 Jan 24
Great selection of weekday lunch buffet! Atmosphere was great and definitely worth the value - one of our favorite buffet in SG
Charlotte Chan Hui LinCharlotte Chan Hui Lin
13:44 21 Jan 24
Amazing buffet food! What made it better is the amazing service from Mr Raj! Very knowledgeable and efficient! Thank you!
13:26 21 Jan 24
Was in on dinner for 21/jan/2024.Variety of food was pleasant & top notch service from Raj.
Feng MinFeng Min
13:44 20 Jan 24
Food poisoning
Han Yu TanHan Yu Tan
07:59 20 Jan 24
We went here for the lunch buffet for around $85 per pax.Here there’s a lot of variety from different cuisines. You’ve got fresh seafood which has clams, prawns, crabs, a lot of different variety which are really good. There’s also a pasta station where there’s different types of pasta you can choose from. At the western side, there’s sliced lamb that you can request, and a variety of sauces you can take yourself. My favourite one is the onion marmalade to go with the lamb as it’s salty and flavourful.There’s also and indian section where you can get naan, biryani, and different types of curry, including lamb shank, which is really tender. There’s also a bunch of chinese food including dim sum and various noodle dishes to choose from.For the dessert, there’s macrons, cakes, pudding, ice cream, a whole variety to choose from. My favourite was the chocolate balls you can get, they’re not too sweet and really delicious.For its price, I’d say it’s worth it to come on special occasions as it’s all really delicious and there’s a lot of choice.
Dan BogoDan Bogo
05:26 20 Jan 24
Spectacular breakfast buffet. So much food. (It’s a splurge).
Emily VoonEmily Voon
04:37 20 Jan 24
01:27 19 Jan 24
Food was great and there’s a wide variety of cuisine available. All the staff, including the chefs are super friendly. Really a good place for gathering with friends over nice food and great service.
Mei YongMei Yong
01:17 18 Jan 24
We were looking for good scones with proper clotted cream and tried Colony high tea set. Priced at $65 per pax, we were served savories in tiffin and sweets buffet style. Also included were mocktails or champagne/ cocktails and coffee or tea. The tiffin savories were interesting combination and I liked the unagi bao. The duck tart was a generous serving.The sweets were unlimited servings. Scones,crepe, ice cream, chocolate, puddings, tarts etc. I find the scones a bit too sweet. They will remove all items at 5.30pm, so be sure to go early. Do ask which credit card offers a discount.The ambiance is lovely here too.
Fey LiawFey Liaw
23:16 16 Jan 24
I had a very enjoyable buffet lunch at Colony with friend. I like the environment and atmosphere here, and there is a wide variety of food to choose from. The service staff were kind and friendly. When the waiter knew that it was our first time to dine here, he specially guided and introduced us to where the different foods are served, and recommended which foods are must-try. Highly recommended!
Yat-Teck GohYat-Teck Goh
08:36 16 Jan 24
13:38 15 Jan 24
It takes a long time to get seafood, but the food is goodThere is room for improvement in the meal pickup line.There is a dress code.
HSSE TrainerHSSE Trainer
07:42 14 Jan 24
Table to small for 5 pax. We are sitting which is mend for 4 pax. Attire says smart casual, but seeing guests coming in sleepers and Bermuda’s. Food not that great, tasteless northern Indian food. Not so great for the pricing .
19:42 13 Jan 24
Super satisfying buffet!!! Oysters were sooo huge and fresh, crabs was soooo clean and the service staff ensured there was consistent refills! Salmon sashimi was thickly sliced. Pasta/Risotto was also so tasty and premium. Must make reservation before coming! Will definitely be back for special occasion!
13:33 13 Jan 24
Wonderful experience! Very crowded but everything is in order. Servers are very professional and hardworking. Food quality is top too! Overall, well done.
Mendy LeeMendy Lee
06:05 13 Jan 24
Just fantastic, felt as if I'm born in a rich family
Laine Sta MariaLaine Sta Maria
18:14 12 Jan 24
Abrielle LeeAbrielle Lee
14:40 12 Jan 24
Aswathy SasidharanAswathy Sasidharan
13:06 12 Jan 24
The go to place for our work Christmas dinner buffet for years. Food is fresh, tastes great and has many choices. Staff are kind and attentive, used plates and cutlery are cleared very fast. I especially love the dessert and Asian spread especially the laksa.Can get a bit noisy, but being as popular as it is I don't think I mind it.
jacqueline chiangjacqueline chiang
09:31 11 Jan 24
I made reservation thru the operator at Ritz Carlton, she is well aware of credit card promotion👍🏻2 days before my reservation date, I received an sms for me to confirm my reservation, I was impressed by the system requesting for our photo to recognise us; however, this doesn’t seem to work as no one recognised us 😆😅😇Colony did acceed to my request for me to have a cozy corner table in celebration of my birthday; it also has waitress serving all customers seated in the middle of the restaurant. She is Frecel. She is helpful, professional n pleasant 🙏🏼👍🏻She introduced us what are their best dessert when asked; n helped me made request from Chef Andy for the chawanmushi I heard is very tasty but out of stock; Chef Andy said actually chawanmushi is not part of the buffet but he would like to pleased me for it it my birthday, he made 2 for us (see photo), Chef Andy is superb, his chawanmushi is so different from others n so soft with little soup like sharkfin soup, yummy ❤️😄Most of their food are of good quality, eg nuts & crab; however, there isn’t sword fish at sashimi counter, and staff needs to be prompted to top up the empty plate that supposed to contain yellow tail; the oyster flesh is too slim not full :(Colony present mini choc cake w marshmallow at bottom in celebration of my birthday, the cake is so unique, yummy and we just can’t resist though we are already very full. It is really superb 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼😆Am so grateful to both Frecel n Chef Andy who have made my birthday celebration at Colony, Ritz Carlton an unforgettable one, thank you Chef Andy, Frecel n Colony 🫂❤️🫰🏼👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
09:32 08 Jan 24
Fresh and delicious food for the price paid. Will visit again next time when we are in Singapore.
Björn ClaßenBjörn Claßen
21:31 07 Jan 24
As hotel guests of the Ritz-Carlton Singapore, we went here for breakfast and really enjoyed it. The selection from the buffet was very diverse and the dishes were also very high quality. There was even ice cream and karaage, which I thought was really great. The egg dishes were also very well made and the service was very accommodating.
Chaunce PohChaunce Poh
06:33 07 Jan 24
Yoshihiro YamauchiYoshihiro Yamauchi
05:41 07 Jan 24
Jacky SeeJacky See
15:09 05 Jan 24
Ridley KRidley K
04:06 04 Jan 24
Abdul Rahman AlsafadiAbdul Rahman Alsafadi
15:24 03 Jan 24
We had to book a few days in advance for a table. The only issue we faced was a short wait for our table. Aside from that, the experience was excellent. The restaurant offered a wide range of food options and the quality was impressive, especially the Indian cuisine, dumplings and the desserts, which were not only numerous but also tasted amazing. The service was outstanding and the restaurant truly deserves its high rating.
Edwin PngEdwin Png
23:47 02 Jan 24
08:50 01 Jan 24
Lucy TLucy T
15:04 31 Dec 23
We went there for the seafood dinner buffet. The restaurant Manager MD Firdausi and the team lead John at our section were both exceptional. They made us feel very welcome and the service was meticulous. There were abundance of food choices.,we enjoyed the whole experience.
Lawrence WangLawrence Wang
10:00 28 Dec 23
Celine CCeline C
16:46 27 Dec 23
We thoroughly enjoyed the extremely generous Xmas buffet again. Not exactly cheap, but the quality of the food, services and the overall experience always make it worthwhile in the end.
Wendy HanWendy Han
12:24 24 Dec 23
The service is excellence. The selection of food is fantastic. Highly recommended
07:20 24 Dec 23
Thanks John for looking after us
Jonathan FilmerJonathan Filmer
12:41 23 Dec 23
Ka Wing AuKa Wing Au
11:56 22 Dec 23
Went there for wedding anniversary. Food was amazing for a buffet!! Well done Colony!
Darlene FenequitoDarlene Fenequito
06:06 22 Dec 23
Soo Ling CHANSoo Ling CHAN
13:00 21 Dec 23
Great variety of choices from Sashimi, oyster, live catch like Prawn Shell to Chinese style food to bubu cha cha, nyonya desserts, cakes
koo rinokoo rino
10:59 20 Dec 23
Din NeoDin Neo
16:08 19 Dec 23
I love the buffet spread. It has many varieties of food to choose from. The seats were kind of good because we were not too close to others. All the food tastes great! The staff were friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!
Wee Shock HwaWee Shock Hwa
12:57 19 Dec 23
We enjoyed our lunch here on 19 Dec, with wide buffet spread and good quality food. Most of the dishes were nice, except that some of them were too salty for my taste. e.g. the fish soup noodle and the cold snow crab. The nonya kueh is not very nice. The staff, including those at the food stations were very kind and efficient, special thanks to Jack, who was serving at our table and Miss Eliasa who had patiently answered our questions. My sister said that this was the best buffet in her past 40 years, haha!
Serena HoaSerena Hoa
09:06 19 Dec 23
Excellent service by the Manager & staff on 11th NOV when we hosted our 18pax team lunch at The Colony!!The Buffet spread was spectacular! Highly recommended!
Md KibriaMd Kibria
10:12 18 Dec 23
Tony HickeyTony Hickey
06:42 18 Dec 23
04:37 17 Dec 23
The Xmas menu high tea is not very good. Food abit cold. Bread is dry and cold. Scones not buttery. Maybe can try normal hightea instead of Xmas menu next time. Plates clearing are not very fast too. Next table can stack up 3 plates still not cleared haha. Luckily our table is slightly big,can place at the side. Staff is polite.
Kieran ChaiKieran Chai
18:17 14 Dec 23
Amazing ambience and great selection to choose from for the dinner buffet.
Kelly WKelly W
13:30 13 Dec 23
Love colony for a special occasion. Have had brunch here and it was fantastic and tried high tea yesterday which was just as delicious and lavish. Service is absolutely top notch. Definitely worth a stop for a treat, especially during festive season. The fresh seafood selection at brunch is one of my favs in Singapore.
Latte x Ash WongLatte x Ash Wong
09:28 13 Dec 23
Started my first champagne brunch in The Colony during covid ease-up phase where all food and drinks were served to the table, that wowed me.Moving forward into a couple years where I tried a few other champagne brunches, none came close to The Colony. Hence why we revisited last Sunday for the Christmas festive brunch.Special call out to Rekthish (apology, most likely gotten the spelling wrong), he was a delight in service.Love the variety & quality of the food, champagne & cocktails and impeccable service.
22:08 12 Dec 23
Foods are very good but the fruits areas require lots of improvement. I had very bad experience and ate pineapple which is sour acid and prune that is rotten.
Ang Jing SwanAng Jing Swan
15:43 11 Dec 23
Priscilla TONGPriscilla TONG
12:36 11 Dec 23
Too noisy, cannot really enjoy. Maybe it is due to festive season. Was told dressing code is casual smart but I saw people with shorts!Service staff are very alert and friendly. They make our day and exceeded our expectation with their quick and attentive service.
19:20 10 Dec 23
Inattentive staffs. Busy fawning after their regular patrons (bringing salad to her personally in a buffet setting?) but my pot of tea has to be reminded twice. What is Ritz Carlton trying to show here.
Kinmiang GohKinmiang Goh
13:08 10 Dec 23
The atmosphere is great, the waiters are friendly, and the food is pretty good too! Very good value for money!
emma chiauemma chiau
08:26 10 Dec 23
Upscale buffet, wonderful and quality produce. Just way too packed and I felt I was eating at a market
08:24 10 Dec 23
Breakfast buffet had pretty good food, although some of it was lukewarm or cold (section with fried noodles, veggie stir fry, fried chicken, etc). The restaurant staff in Colony for breakfast were pretty inattentive. They didn't clear our plates fast enough or offer refills. We did two breakfasts there and had to flag people down constantly.
khanh luukhanh luu
07:16 10 Dec 23
Great service
cassandra tancassandra tan
13:07 09 Dec 23
Service was good .Ms Frecel , who served our table made us feel very welcome and at ease with her smile and she was very prompt and attentive. The buffet spread was good . A wide selection though I think they could improve the dessert section with more sponge based cakes rather than mousse based desserts . Cheese selection was very simple .. 3 different selections of cheese only .
xuanyi limxuanyi lim
10:07 09 Dec 23
Visited the colony for high tea where Firdausi, the assistant colony manager, provided exceptional service, making our stay incredibly welcoming. It was my mother's first high tea experience, and I was eager for it to be perfect, which it thankfully was due to the outstanding service we received. Firdausi went the extra mile, regularly checking on our table, ensuring everything went smoothly and leaving us feeling cared for.From the time we enter the place to the time we left, the food and services were impeccable.I highly recommend anyone who are unsure or trying out high tea for the first time to come, the staff and the assistant colony manager there would make sure your entire experience here is worth
01:18 09 Dec 23
Very disappointed experience. We reserved 30 pax for Christmas lunch back in June, knowing how popular this restaurant can get. No one told us that we need to pay deposit back then, and in our subsequent calls in Nov. Colony decided to cancel the reservation on 3 December with the reason that deposit was not received. What worst was that they sent to the wrong email address which they should have notice the bounced email. And they did not even SMS/call before cancelling the reservation. (they claimed that the called but there was no miss call or SMS)Imagine holding a corporate event and 30 guest reached the venue only to find out that there was no table and have no place for lunch. It's our annual tradition to go back to Colony but I guess it will not happen again.
Ben DBen D
05:28 07 Dec 23
Quan TranQuan Tran
08:16 05 Dec 23
So many buffet options in Singapore. Colony didn't disappoint and I can see why it receives such high ratings. It's in the Ritz Carlton so as to be expected, is very fancy. Staff were very attentive and friendly catering to anything we needed. We starved ourselves the whole day to get our money worth at dinner. We've been to other buffets in Singapore that have much larger, more expansive food offerings. Colony was much smaller in comparison and was a bit underwhelming at first. The more we looked, there was plenty of options, just smaller displays. This meant that food was turned over quicker, rather than leaving it out on display for ages. The emphasis is on food quality and is definitely noticeable over other buffets. Chilli crab is almost as good as what we had at Jumbo and Holy Crab. The grilled lobster was a highlight for me. I didn't expect too much from a buffet, but the meat was fresh and had a wonderful sweet flavour and texture. I was expecting it to be overcooked and chewy. Have to say that I didn't really enjoy the cakes though. Flavour combinations were a bit unusual for my taste. The salted egg steamed buns that are in the shape of a mushroom are delicious. Also enjoyed the plentiful variety of chocolates. Was also surprised that there wasn't a time limit like other buffets or restaurants. Would recommend for a special occasion.
Betty YipBetty Yip
16:10 04 Dec 23
Helen ClaireHelen Claire
02:27 04 Dec 23
The food, drinks and service was outstanding. I’d definitely go back again. Fantastic price for the selection of outstanding food and drinks.
Sharen SawSharen Saw
13:53 02 Dec 23
Crystal TangCrystal Tang
10:29 01 Dec 23
Such a great experience at Colony with my boyfriend celebrating my birthday. We are so amazed and pleased with the hospitality and extra mile served. Beng Kuan, the waiter served us with such passion and energy that we are thankful for. He repeatedly asked us if we were doing fine and offered to serve us tea that goes with the birthday cake. Kudos to the team at Colony - My boyfriend casually asked the chef if there was roast beef on the lunch buffet menu and they said it was only served for dinner. And then a while later beef steak appeared on our table?? Amazing service!! We felt so appreciated and were blown away by the thoughtfulness of the chef. Thank you Ritz Carlton!!
Jonathan AlexJonathan Alex
09:54 01 Dec 23
Food is okay not particularly great, options a little bit limited. In my opinion, not good value for money.
Jordi ChanJordi Chan
10:41 29 Nov 23
Mark DowdallMark Dowdall
07:25 29 Nov 23
Iris N.Iris N.
05:00 28 Nov 23
SJ TanSJ Tan
05:04 27 Nov 23
We are very disappointed with the service team at Colony. Rating it as 0 stars for the service if there is any.We were seated and there wasn’t much customers, however none of the service crew came to serve us. They were just standing around and did not give us the menu until we had to ask for it.When we were given the menu, the staff did not bother to explain to us as well, she just left the menu on our table and went back to standing at her designated spot, looking around. We saw that the other customers were served, except for our table. It felt like we’re being discriminated by Colony’s service team for unknown reasons.Due to the disappointing experience, we left without ordering anything. No one even noticed that we have walked out.Previously when I was there during the dinner buffet, the service was impeccable. I do not understand why is there such a huge contrast in the service for high tea and dinner.I have also wrote in an email to feedback on the unhappy experience and the reply from the assistant manager felt like it was from an email template, very general and doesn’t seem like there would be any service recovery. Would not patronise again, the prices charged were exorbitant and it is not worth the service and attitude that we have experienced.
Ak MiaAk Mia
05:02 27 Nov 23
Definitely No.1 free flow champagne brunch in Singapore
Mónica PortilloMónica Portillo
02:40 27 Nov 23
It was an epic experience, marvelous from beginning to end. Extremely outstanding. The best brunch in town.
L. YangL. Yang
00:10 27 Nov 23
Top-tier King crab legs, oysters, and sashimi. All in a pristine setting! What more could you ask for? Value beyond belief. This is a requirement for every future visit of mine to Singapore.
Akari HamasakiAkari Hamasaki
07:05 25 Nov 23
05:48 25 Nov 23
My husband & I was at colony for dinner to wind down after our wedding in the afternoon.One of the staff named Rethish was really amazing & such a great host. He was really funny too. After a short conversation with us. He knew we were celebrating our wedding cum anniversary day there so he came over with champagne for us. A nice gesture which we appreciated.When we were at our last course desserts, the staff came over again, not with a slice but with a WHOLE cake for us. We were both so shocked & appreciative of the hospitality we've received.Ritz Carlton, you're really the best.Along with the most awesome & service-passionate staff. We had such an enjoyable time there. So grateful for that experience on our special day! Thank you so much.
PM BoyPM Boy
04:39 25 Nov 23
Expensive but worthy of the price.. This was my second visit, with the first over a dinner buffet and this time over champagne high tea.. Coupled with humour from very friendly staff and good company I had, it was a wonderful experience! Thank you!
23:14 19 Nov 23
A huge variety of buffets with high and excellent standards. The restaurant is very luxurious too. High recommendation place to celebrate a special occasion.
A SharpA Sharp
15:01 19 Nov 23
All in all fantastic experience and we would highly recommend. Not your usual buffet spread. The quality of food is outstanding and plentiful of choices. All definitely worth a price which we thought it was very fair! Best meal in Singapore for sure. Our waiter Jack was very attentive and polite. We had a Prosecco package with our lunch and it was worth it.Couple of minor minuses :- it’s incredibly busy and loud. But you can understand why, place is very popular.- when we first arrived and we’re shown to our table, we were left for a long while before anyone took interest. The person who ended serving us didn’t know we booked Prosecco package but it was quickly rectified after explaining . Though the initial service could have been better. However from that point everything was brilliant .Highly recommended !
Thamer AloutishThamer Aloutish
20:24 18 Nov 23
11:50 18 Nov 23
Amazing buffet 🤩🤩 Specialise in seafood and sashimi. Food is AMAZING,staff are very helpful and proactive in helping with guests! Would recommend booking at least 2-3 months in advance to secure your table.Best place to come for any occasion.Must try when possible!!!! 👍👍
Eneres WeilEneres Weil
14:29 17 Nov 23
Shamsheer S/O TajudinShamsheer S/O Tajudin
10:41 17 Nov 23
Joydeep SarkarJoydeep Sarkar
07:12 17 Nov 23
Wonderful food, service and amazing spread of food at the buffet - really tasty food unlike some of the other buffets - worth going for sure
Jasbir KohJasbir Koh
05:58 17 Nov 23
Excellent service from Dongjin. Very attentive and always smiling … service with style.
Konstantin AnatolevichKonstantin Anatolevich
12:08 16 Nov 23
Best buffet
Agnes BooAgnes Boo
06:53 16 Nov 23
Many food variety and selection, from Alaska crab, truffle pasta and roast item. Laksa, fish noodle and good selection for desserts. All fresh and good quality. Service staff very attentive especially the waiter Dong Jin. Goes extra mile to service our table. Really a pleasant experience at the colony buffet!
Jaclyn LohJaclyn Loh
15:31 15 Nov 23
Fantastic food, amazing ambience. Definitely a place for a special occasion.
09:10 15 Nov 23
Easily one of the best high tea experiences in Singapore from booking to event day. Loved the mix of tingkat savouries and a sweet buffet. We celebrated a birthday and had such an awesome, hassle-free experience. Thanks to the friendly crew for being so effortlessly gracious.
12:40 14 Nov 23
There are a variety of local foods and foods from various countries.The price is reasonable and the intention to visit again is 1000%.Those of you who have been on a trip, trust me and go.You may be thinking, “What kind of trip did you come here to get to a buffet?”, but you won’t regret it.
Daniel CheeDaniel Chee
02:10 14 Nov 23
PetersonJohn LukePetersonJohn Luke
23:28 13 Nov 23
Crowded but staff was helpful. Will go again
li peili pei
14:37 13 Nov 23
not much choices. Not worth it
Jasper LeeJasper Lee
06:55 13 Nov 23
I had an exceptional experience at the buffet, thanks to Alfian, the manager. His swift service recovery for a minor lapse in service from one of the crew showcased outstanding dedication. The seafood was incredibly fresh, offering a delightful variety that exceeded my expectations. I'm genuinely impressed and will undoubtedly return for future celebrations. The combination of impeccable service and delicious offerings makes this buffet a standout choice. Kudos to the team for turning a small hiccup into a memorable dining experience.
02:08 13 Nov 23
Food is good, service is good, what more can I ask for? Shoutout to Ciya (my apologies if I’ve gotten her name wrong) for her excellent service!
shaofei zhengshaofei zheng
12:22 12 Nov 23
It's a great place for a weekend dinner. The ingredients are fresh, the taste is great, and the variety is suitable for all kinds of people. Thank you! But I hope the service desk can speak Chinese, not just English! 😂😂😂
Rainbow ColourRainbow Colour
15:36 09 Nov 23
I sent an email to the Colony on November 8, 2023, but received no response. While recording a video to recommend Colony to my friends, I was disturbed by a chef walking out from the kitchen. He insisted on helping me take pictures of the food despite my numerous refusals, advancing towards me and causing fear. Fortunately, I spotted my boss, walked towards her, and the chef stopped. I left the scene, too afraid to face him. Sharing this unsettling experience with my family and friends, they encouraged me to email Colony management. It was a very distressing encounter, especially unexpected at a prestigious 5-star Ritz-Carlton hotel. I've emailed them to review the CCTV footage and timing. I hope all ladies visiting Colony exercise caution and urge everyone to respect women.
14:24 08 Nov 23
13:25 08 Nov 23
07:49 08 Nov 23
I was there for lunch. Loved the bright interior with natural light coming in. All of the food options looked well presented and those I tried were palatable. Only wish there were more actual cake options for dessert!
07:40 08 Nov 23
Dined November 01, 2023Was really excited to visit this place as I have read and seen many positive reviews on YouTube. It performed high on many levels but honestly failed on the main thing - the food. It was, to be quite blunt, nothing spectacular. The big attraction was the seafood (crabs, oysters, shrimps) but aside from those, was disappointed with all other offerings. Love the orange juice dispenser, salted egg chix wings, and array of desserts. Atmosphere was top notch, though the darkness was a little too much. Appreciate the kid-friendly menu as well. Overall, it was nice to experience Colony but not something I would be clamoring for soon. The $92 ++ price tag hurts a bit too much too for a group of 8 which was my family number. 7.5/10
Jiak PapaJiak Papa
12:38 07 Nov 23
Best buffet in Singapore. Reservation is a must and might take a month if it’s on the weekends. Price are on the higher end but definitely worth the money based on their varieties. Highly recommended
Jo StewJo Stew
13:39 04 Nov 23
Being a food lover and enjoys buffet, I had high expectations with The Colony plus considering the reservation takes 3 weeks in-advance I had high expectations. With that said, my expectations fell short in a lot of ways.Food - decent choices but taste is nothing spectacular or memorable. Some decent choices but the flavour feels a hit or miss.Ambience - we went in the evening so I expected it to be dark but it was darker than I thought or maybe because we were seated at the corner but still the lack of lighting eally affected my mood. To improvise I used my phone flash light to see what I was eating.Hallways are tight, especially if someone is choosing his items we kind of needed to navigate around in-order not to bump into other guests.Price - for $130 per head (includes GST and Service), it doesn't justify the food choices but price is relative.
David HopkinsDavid Hopkins
09:57 04 Nov 23
The best buffet dining experience I’ve ever had, way ahead of its Asian, North American and European competition.Set within a beautiful hotel, the dining area was in keeping, with extravagant ceilings and grand decor.Presentation was at its highest level and everywhere was impeccably clean and well maintained despite a busy dinner service.The food, oh my goodness the food. Walking through and exploring the various food sections was an overwhelming sensory experience in itself.It’s clear from the offset that the culinary team here are artists. Each station showed true authenticity and class.The choice and quality was outstanding, every dish on offer was a delight.My mouth still savouring and craving some of the dishes and desserts exclusively created by the talent team at The Colony, leaving a lasting impression on me.Easiest recommendation of my life.
Hie Li KongHie Li Kong
07:16 03 Nov 23
Seafood section is the most popular station with long queue. Oysters and crab legs are replenished quickly and servers are attentive, clears the plates promptly. However I personally prefer roast beef over grilled beef.
Yin jie SeouYin jie Seou
16:14 02 Nov 23
Price given is worth of it. Sorry I have to say before Covid is much better and fresher but now still the best compared to others seriously. No need waste money to spend on other hotel buffet already.
mushroom soupmushroom soup
14:26 02 Nov 23
Food is good for the price point. Service is wonderful; staff are very helpful and appear very genuine, all without being too intrusive 🙂 location is quite dimly lit which I'm personally not a fan of but no big deal. Book waaaay ahead of time if you're planning to go on Fri - Sun. Went on a Thursday and it was still plenty busy.
Hana NguyenHana Nguyen
03:59 02 Nov 23
Isabel AnnIsabel Ann
02:30 02 Nov 23
Large variety of food and it was all delicious. My colleagues enjoyed our teambuilding lunch very much yesterday. Special mention to Abishek whose service was very good, and was very patient when we had to split the bills among 3 depts. It was also very pleasant having the staff at the sushi station greeting all the guests, saying good afternoon to everyone he met.
Kitty ChengKitty Cheng
13:24 01 Nov 23
Halloween theme buffet was top notch. Great quality food, got to experience finest Singaporean dish with a fun twist, definitely one of a kind.
Justin NgJustin Ng
03:20 01 Nov 23
Top notch. From food to service, definitely 5 star. The service staff is very attentive provide us with lots of wet wipe. Really helps when eating crabs is concerned.
13:35 31 Oct 23
Great place with a cozy atmosphere! Food was fresh and service was superb! Nadine was so attentive and helpful. She was very professional and such a joyful lady who lightened up our evening. We had a great night celebrating our wedding anniversary here 🙂
Derek TeoDerek Teo
07:58 31 Oct 23
First time here and was quite impressed with the overall decor of the place, but after all it’s Ritz Carlton so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I went for the weekday evening buffet session. Overall spread wasn’t a lot of variety but should be sufficient to fill you up. My main attack zone for buffet has always mainly been seafood, sashimi and grilled meat. My compliments to the ribeye, sashimi and the cold crab legs (would recommend doing a hot chilli crab version also). however, the only disappointment was the oysters - its tiny, extremely skinny with no meat and just like a skin covering. ive not had oysters this miserable before. So, for a place of this price point, you really cannot afford to get any dish this wrong. So that’s why I can only give 4/5.
kehkeong kohkehkeong koh
02:49 30 Oct 23
Kai XinKai Xin
10:57 29 Oct 23
Came here twice to celebrate my husband and father's birthdays. The food and service here are great. The staff are super friendly and helpful. The cold seafood mussels and scallops aren't the freshest, but everything else is great. 😊 Will come back again for the festive menus
Steven MathesonSteven Matheson
09:16 29 Oct 23
Great staff that accommodated our young children aged 5 & 2. All the food was fresh and nice pictures of the food say it all.
Anthony BuiAnthony Bui
08:45 29 Oct 23
The colony was everything we expected and more, we came here for our wedding anniversary and the staff gave us a piece of cake to celebrate, it was definitely a nice surprise. The seafood was very good as the crab legs were fantastic. My partner and I were speaking about our Singapore trip and said to eachother we'd come back to Singapore just to eat here again
MAC SaysMAC Says
11:26 28 Oct 23
Good food with excellent services. No wonder it’s so difficult to book a table there. Worth the wait !
09:03 27 Oct 23
Beautiful place, makes you feel so relaxed the moment you arrive. Ushered to our seats and for the rest of the afternoon, the service staff was fantastic. They were cheerful, attentive, even bothered to make small talk with my 5-month old baby. Afternoon tea was delicious, food was of high standard and quality. Drinks were unique and there was an extensive spread of sweets and pastries at the semi-buffet.They brought out a small cake for our anniversary celebration and that was very kind of them.We were also pleasantly surprised to find out that we get a 10% off with uob/dbs/citibank credit card.Highly recommended! Would love to be back soon! ☺️
Zhuang PZhuang P
02:37 27 Oct 23
Utube ChannelUtube Channel
15:37 26 Oct 23
Excellent staff and attentive service.Food standard still excellent ! Oysters and prawns are really fresh. Good dessert choices.Well done ! We really enjoyed the dinner buffet.
13:25 26 Oct 23
Best buffet in SG! Almost everything is good. May be expensive but it's worth it if you are looking for a buffet that serves quality & quantity.
Joey KuaJoey Kua
07:51 26 Oct 23
Daniel DuDaniel Du
11:07 24 Oct 23
It was good but compared to some of the higher end buffets from Vegas I think it falls short. Our favorite dish was the golden coated chicken wings, I ate 4 myself and honestly could eat a whole bucket of that as a meal.
Koftra LiawKoftra Liaw
06:35 24 Oct 23
The best buffet around with service from the heart. Special thanks to Chef Sundar and Dongjin who went out of their way to make our table of kids exceptionally comfortable. 5 stars
Jovi PascualJovi Pascual
08:03 23 Oct 23
A lot of variety, good food & wonderful staff! Make sure not to eat lunch if having dinner - there's so much to eat!
Eden SalmonEden Salmon
09:50 21 Oct 23
Cheryl TCheryl T
15:46 20 Oct 23
Our family to go restaurant for celebrations.Go for the seafood nights.
11:20 20 Oct 23
Nice ambience place for seafood buffet .
May Geok TeoMay Geok Teo
05:19 20 Oct 23
Dinner buffet at the Ritz never failed to impress me with their quality and the wide range of food! From fresh oysters, sashimis, laksa with generous amount fresh cockles, dim sums (which hotel offers that for dinner buffet, only at Ritz!! 👍), nans, truffle spaghetti, the list just goes on! The lady who rendered her service to us was excellent!! Highly recommended! Oh if the restaurant can elevate the lights a little brighter that would be impeccable! Please keep up the good work!
James WongJames Wong
14:40 19 Oct 23
The best buffet I had ever eaten at in my life! Would totally recommend this to others. Many selections to choose from and does not disappoint!
gaelic sabiagaelic sabia
06:54 19 Oct 23
Seafood was fresh, dinner service was "as expected" and great.
Fey “Iseeieat” YapFey “Iseeieat” Yap
00:24 19 Oct 23
Selections for dishes are fantastic. The cold seafood section is good, except the octopus were displayed in a lump. Beef is good. Dimsum not really anything to mention.
John TanJohn Tan
15:41 18 Oct 23
The reservations system leaves much to be desired. Despite repeated follow-ups, nobody in the restaurant has bothered to return call even though they promised to do so. I spoke to Christian on the phone and he promised to follow up but nothing was done. Poor poor service. Before actual date already so bad service, I dread to think how their table service will be.Will bring business elsewhere.
Se LeonardSe Leonard
23:54 17 Oct 23
From the moment you step foot onto their premise, along the hallway to your intended dining place, the greeting from staff in uniform were warm & friendly.I am talking about quality, not quantity and, they have the best of both world. The display of foods look appetizing & spoiled for choices!I managed to eat a bit of everything, hope they can improve on the popiah which is lacking in flavor in their main turnip & absence of garlic, dried shrimp.Nonetheless, they still deserve 5 stars rating! Will be back for more.
Jessica ApplewhiteJessica Applewhite
11:58 16 Oct 23
This was my first time at the Sunday brunch since all Covid restrictions were lifted and I was blown away! The quality of the food and the personalized service (especially in a busy restaurant) is always top notch. I can't wait to go back.
lim chin tatlim chin tat
07:57 16 Oct 23
Been a regular in colony - the quality control is really the best. Every time I come here - the food, service and ambience are really 5 stars. Some restaurant started really well but standard drop. But I find colony the same high standard year in year out.The food is just so good. You can see the photos of the desserts - all delicately done. My favorite is the hazelnut praline cake - texture of crunch base, soft sponge and ganache. The pandan cake just as good. The chocolate tarts are amazing as well: the ice cream are of real high quality with lots of cookies in the vanilla cookies and cream flavor and chocolate pieces in the chocolate ice cream. These are definitely made by the hotel chefs. Not over the counter types. I usually don’t eat much savory but the savories in colony as usual are super tasty and fresh. I particularly love the oriental section. The food are cooked in small portion and topped up regularly so they are hot crispy and fresh. The prawns are fresh and succulent. The noodles are made to order - very high standard like Al la carte standard.And something about the ambience that really impress me. It’s really good for gathering. It clearly has the best setting in all the buffet I went to. Very classy and conducive.Service prompt and worthy of a 5 stars hotel.After trying out so many hotel buffets, colony remains the best for me. Faultless!
Calvin TanCalvin Tan
03:35 16 Oct 23
Nadine, our server, was wonderful. She keeps a great eye on our table and constantly clear our used plates. Two thumbs up
Felix YeoFelix Yeo
15:52 15 Oct 23
Am FAm F
08:17 14 Oct 23
Seafood buffet spread was great and most importantly, fresh. Service was impeccable. My family had a wonderful dining experience thanks to the staff. Best dinner buffet in SG :)Special thanks to Tin for her great service recovery and going the extra mile for us even though the miscommunication was not the restaurant’s fault.
Kenneth LyeKenneth Lye
12:51 13 Oct 23
Me HMe H
00:41 13 Oct 23
The dinner buffetThe seafood corner is crowded at first, butAs time passes, it gets quieter.It's nice to have a variety of foods.I wish there was Korean food tooThere are so many different types of breakfast that I couldn’t eat them all.It was really good
Shanice WeeShanice Wee
14:10 11 Oct 23
amazing ambience, food and most importantly excellent service. special commendation to Mayban for being so friendly and attentive. enjoyed my time here and will definitely be back again. thanks Mayban for making my experience delightful ❤️ also thank you to the pasta chef for the scrumptious pasta 🥰
Sam TingSam Ting
10:37 11 Oct 23
Excellent service by staffs, chefs were friendly and helpful too. Variety of food choices and I love the ambience there. Will definitely dine at Colony again!
Cyndi ChenCyndi Chen
04:16 10 Oct 23
Ruth May BundaRuth May Bunda
13:36 08 Oct 23
Was not a fan of truffle but ive tasted their truffle risotto.. and now it's my favorite
Dalton LowDalton Low
13:19 07 Oct 23
Not all buffet place have snow crab legs, not forgetting the grilled Boston lobster and lots of seafood and dessert option. Recommended Seafood dinner night on Saturday only. Pricey but worthy.
05:37 06 Oct 23
Buffet restaurant and quality ingredients and preparation. There are international cuisines from India, Vietnam, China, Japan, etc., but that's the Ritz-Carlton. The taste is quite good. The atmosphere is high-end, but the service is casual and comfortable.
Hong Yeen WangHong Yeen Wang
03:10 03 Oct 23
Long time since my last time here
Kenny MokKenny Mok
13:44 01 Oct 23
Served by Tin.We enjoyed the occasion.
Nicole Rachel KwanNicole Rachel Kwan
13:42 01 Oct 23
So amazing. If I didn’t take the food myself I would never have guessed it was buffet food - the quality was amazing! Especially the Blue Swimmer Crab Aglio that was prepared on the spot. Excellent service, I’ve honestly never had more attentive service staff. And I’d say I’m generally quite nitpicky. Special thanks to Tin, and the other staff that were serving my table/area at 97. They even served us a celebratory chocolate mousse for our anniversary! Best dining experience I’ve had in a long time.
Ng DavisNg Davis
13:02 01 Oct 23
Chin Guan TeoChin Guan Teo
07:25 01 Oct 23
My wife and I together the family enjoyed ourselves on the foods at the Colony celebrating my wife's birthday yesterday for lunch.The Colony uphold their standards providing a wide variety of different cuisine varieties for our visits this few years till date.I do hope in the near future there will be some seasonal surprise variety of dishes awaits for us during our next visit.Keep up the good work for the services and ensuring the food dishes variety are quality with freshness :)We will be back the next time and recommend The Colony.
Su AnnSu Ann
03:17 01 Oct 23
Been here on a Saturday night. We made the reservation 1 month earlier.The food was good with variety of choices. The queue for crab legs and oyster was the longest at the beginning of the buffet dinner hours. There are free flow of lobsters too.We took additional Prosecco package which was a value for money. We were able to switch from Prosecco to red wine or white wine during the buffet to pair with the food.Service staff were very attentive too. They even sang birthday song and gave us a small birthday cake for our celebration.
KHL StewartKHL Stewart
12:54 30 Sep 23
Ambient lighting is low and overtly subtle, need for improvements...
Peter ChapmanPeter Chapman
02:35 30 Sep 23
On our short trip to Singapore we found the buffet lunch in the Colony one of the memorable moments. The food and service were exceptional and Nadine looked after us so well. Will certainly be recommending this to our friends
Gwendolene PangGwendolene Pang
10:59 29 Sep 23
Had food poisoning the whole night 🙁 Might be the laksa Cockles because that is the only thing my dinner mates didn’t eat.
Silin LowSilin Low
03:12 29 Sep 23
Best buffet in sg hands down
13:21 28 Sep 23
The best buffet place in Singapore! Definitely Number #1
Enrique NabiEnrique Nabi
20:42 27 Sep 23
Got more videos than pictures but i have heard many good things about Colony and brought my partner here for her birthday celebration. We were very impressed with everything from the professionalism of the staffs and their service to the food and ambience.I made reservations and contacted them via email and they were super helpful and fast in their replies. Today, one of the lady even paid attention to my partner's allergies and helped us out as my partner has certain allergies. Their service is very fast too & they pay LOTS of attention to refilling of our water & clearing of our plates. Not just the same lady but another male staff outside of Colony was also super helpful in helping us take nice photos for my partner's birthday:)The food was amazing too. We were very pleased as everything we tried was fresh & delicious. Seafood & sashimi was fresh of course and the other food items were amazing too. HUGE variety of savoury items and desserts. It's so rare in my opinion to have a buffet with such consistancy on a huge menu but i guess that is Colony for you:)Ambience was lovely too although the place became super dim during the late hours and my partner got a headache from it:( But aside from that everything else was perfect. 11/10 recommend this buffet & will be back again.I didnt manage to get the lady's name that served us but a huge thank you to her for making my girlfriend's birthday dinner much more smoother and enjoyable.
09:22 27 Sep 23
Nicholas OlsenNicholas Olsen
05:38 26 Sep 23
Tian LingTian Ling
08:20 23 Sep 23
Have Saturday lunch here. Much better than expectation
09:21 22 Sep 23
Yummy but expensive
chua gimchaichua gimchai
08:48 22 Sep 23
Mr JMr J
05:11 22 Sep 23
Extensive selection of picking for buffet from sushi (meh), to Asian (ok), to western (hmmm), and . My fav eould be the range of desserts. Overall, great presentation and various degree of yumminess - depending on what you decide to sample.
JTalk 007JTalk 007
11:44 11 Sep 23
I recently dined at The Colony in Ritz Carlton Singapore for their buffet lunch. The ambiance was fantastic, creating a great dining atmosphere. However, it was a bit of a challenge to navigate the scattered food stations, almost like a treasure hunt.In terms of variety, while it was good, it didn't quite match up to some other renowned restaurants like the Edge and the Line. Nevertheless, what truly stood out was the exceptional quality of the food, which was top-notch.The service was generally prompt, but there were some minor hiccups towards the end of the meal. It seemed that the staff might have been a bit short-handed during that busy period, which led to delays in plate clearing when I went for seconds.Overall, I must say I enjoyed the experience at The Colony. The excellent food quality and the charming ambiance outweighed the minor inconveniences. If you're looking for a top-tier dining experience, The Colony is definitely worth a visit.
Jason HoJason Ho
04:00 21 Aug 23
After checking it out yesterday evening, I think it is worth the chatter. What stood out for me most is that risotto - brilliantly prepared with a generous topping of truffle. But it wasn't just about one standout dish. The dessert station felt like a sweet lover's dream. From rich cakes to those cute macaroons and even some nostalgic Asian kuehs, it was a treat to the eyes and taste buds..especially for my kids.What's rather impressive is the layout of the the buffet stations. Everything was placed in a way that it felt like you're on a little food adventure, without bumping into everyone else. The visuals? A bit more polished than your usual buffet scene.Gold stars all around for the staff. It wasn’t just about refilling water or clearing plates – they genuinely seemed to care about how our evening was going. A few times, they went out of their way to make things just right.As for the decor, while I can't put it all into words, it was inviting and cozy, making the experience feel a tad more special.Looking forward to my next visit.
15:40 18 Aug 23
One of the best buffets I have had!Lots of choices, good seafood options (lobsters, crabs, oysters).Hot food was great as well including the local noodles etc
Eliza PoonEliza Poon
08:04 08 Jul 23
Great buffet spread, highlight was the cold bar! Fresh seafood, filled up on the crab leg. Another must get is the grilled lobster. Good dessert selection too. Ambience is nice but a tad too dark. Price is reasonable for the spread, try calling to book if the website doesn’t have availability!
Tong Peng TanTong Peng Tan
11:45 27 May 23
An exquisite brunch served by Colony on a Sunday. The brunch is by no means cheap, coming in at 178++ per adult. However, the quality of the brunch is one of the best in Singapore.If you want to surprise you partner or have a celebratory event here, I would recommend the Sunday brunch for sure.I won’t write a long review and let the pictures and videos do the talking. Overall, 5* experience, quality, variety and would recommend everyone to come check them out for a great brunch experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What type of cuisine does Colony Buffet offer?

Colony Buffet proudly presents a diverse range of cuisines, including international flavors and local favorites. Our menu is carefully curated to cater to various tastes.


Is Colony Buffet suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, we offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options to accommodate different dietary preferences. Our menu includes a range of dishes that cater to diverse culinary choices.


Are reservations required, and how can I make one?

While reservations are not mandatory, they are recommended, especially during peak hours or for larger groups. You can easily make reservations by calling our restaurant or using our online booking system.


Is there parking available at Colony Buffet?

Yes, we provide convenient parking facilities for our guests. Feel free to inquire about parking options when you visit or contact us in advance for more details.


Does Colony Buffet offer catering services for events and special occasions?

Yes, Colony Buffet provides catering services for a variety of events, including weddings, corporate functions, and celebrations. Contact our events team to discuss your specific requirements.


As patrons conclude their dining experience at Colony Buffet Singapore, they depart with a lingering appreciation for the diverse flavours, meticulously crafted dishes and the inviting ambience that characterizes this culinary haven. The delightful journey through a broad spectrum of cuisines, ranging from Asian delicacies to Western classics, leaves a lasting impression on their taste buds. The attentive service and welcoming atmosphere contribute to an overall positive dining memory. Colony Buffet Singapore distinguishes itself as a place to enjoy a hearty meal and an immersive culinary experience that fosters a sense of community through a shared appreciation for exceptional food. In the final moments at Colony Buffet, guests are likely to reflect on the culinary adventure they have just undertaken, departing with a sense of contentment and culinary satisfaction.